Mobile Website

5 Tips to ensure a user-friendly mobile website

Analysis by Google has proven that mobile traffic is now exceeding desktop traffic.  It is therefore more important than ever to ensure that your website is user-friendly and gives your clients a good impression of your business.  From research the following 5 points are key areas you should consider:

Mobile website performance1. Page loading speed.  According to Yoast, a top WordPress plug-in for search engine optimisation, it only takes visitors 3 seconds to decide if they want to wait for your page to load. So, remember that videos or data rich content can considerably slow down loading speeds, particularly on a mobile website if internet connection is poor.  Therefore you should consider making watching these links optional.

2. Image size. Image file sizes should be small. Remember 72ppi (pixels per square inch) is recommended for websites. Also, whilst your photo montage may look ultra slick on a desktop how does it look on a mobile screen?

3. User Friendly. Consumers like seeing key information on one page of their mobile rather than having to click to get it piecemeal.  So if your website already supports infinite scroll then tick VG. If not, can you change your website to improve your visitors experience? If you use WordPress then a number of their templates, such as ASTRID, do support infinite scroll so look to change your current template.

4. Simplicity. You need to get your information across quickly in your mobile website. This means making the layout clean, easy to read and to the point. No waffling, no duplication and no style over substance.

5. Relevant. Is the information on your website up-to-date? With social media consumers concentrate on the here and now rather than what you or your company was doing a few years ago. Also, do all the links work? Remember visitors want information quickly; if a click on a link fails to work then it is likely that that potential customer will move on to another site.