WordPress Website: Call Now Button for Mobile Users

We are all aware that mobile viewing of websites is on the increase. I even did a brief ditty about it earlier this year (see Mobile Website – 5 tips to ensure a user-friendly mobile website). So, an easy fix to help your mobile viewers to phone you is to provide them with a call now button on your website.

This will enable them to directly call you from your website page. Yep, no searching for pen and paper; trying to select and copy the phone number from your contact page or footer; or even, heavens forbid, trying to memorise the number and switching to the keypad to enter it manually!

I have added a ‘call’ plugin to my website so you can see what it looks like (remember it will only show up on your mobile phone and not on tablet or desktop).  Don’t worry it is not a tacky-looking, hard sell, flashing in your face call-for-action button!

How to add a ‘call now’ button

It is really easy to add a ‘call now’ button:

  • Log-in to your website’s WordPress dashboard (www.yourwebsitename.co.uk/wp-admin).
  • Click on Plugins and then ‘add new’.
  • Search for ‘call now’. I found ‘call now button’ by Jerry Rietveld had the highest number of active install, 57 x 5* reviews and was compatible with my WordPress template and WP version.
  • Then it is just a matter of installing it, activating it and then finally editing it: enter my phone number, choose the position and change the colour. Save it and then it’s done!
  • Finally just go to your website on your mobile phone to check it is there and it works. Ta-dah!