By working on your website I become very familiar with your business: your vision and brand and what your customers want.  Also, as you are probably aware, websites are more effective if they are used in parallel with other marketing strategies to draw your customers to your website.  Therefore a lot of my continuous development for website design overlaps with the social media side of marketing.

Also as I am self-employed myself I am aware of the number of tasks you have to juggle: balancing income and outgoings and prioritising your time where you can make the most value.  Therefore you may find it more cost effective to contract-out this element of your workload.

I would therefore initially sit down with you to discuss your ideas and existing strategies to come up with a plan and an approach that suits you and your business.

Digital Marketing Charges

Our initial discussion would be free-of-charge.

My price is then £25 per post or, £20 per post for prepaid block of 10 posts (valid 12 months).  The frequency of your posts would be as per the plan agreed at our initial discussion.  My charge excludes any promotional or advertising charges which would be applied at cost.

Here are some examples of images that I created for social media posts:

Image from Facebook post
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